If you’re not playing with equipment that is fit to you and your swing, then you’re not playing to your full potential. Golf Capital Learning Center offers an extensive custom club-fitting experience utilizing?the latest in fitting and swing analysis technology.?We can work with our clients both in the studio, on the practice range, from sand or rough, or on the green; ?so you get instant swing data, the benefit of seeing actual ball flight, and testing equipment in actual conditions it will be used.

Our fitting tools feature the latest PING irons, woods, hybrids, and putters. ?We have a large variety of shafts so you can try the latest in shaft technology to help you select the right fit for your golf swing. Trackman technology delivers instant data on a number of aspects of the golf swing including:

  • -Club Speed
  • -Smash Factor
  • -Spin Rate
  • -Dynamic Loft
  • -Attack Angle
  • -Spin Loft
  • -Launch Angle
  • -Carry
  • -Club Path
  • -Ball Speed
  • -Face Angle
  • -Swing Direction

In other words…we’ll know what’s going on with your swing and you’ll have video and data so you can see it in action. ?We will work with you to explain how these factors influence your swing and how it all relates to your equipment. ?Equipped with a better understanding of the anatomy of your swing, your physical traits, and info you provide about your overall game, we make equipment recommendations and continue tracking your swing data to see what works best for you. ?At the end of your session, you can expect to have a better understanding of your swing and what equipment options?will provide the best results so you can start to play your best!